CHFA West Recap

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Over the weekend Everyday Superfoods was showcasing its Treathearts lineup as well as It’s Not Bacon at CHFA West Trade Show in Vancouver, BC. CHFA is the largest conference and trade show in Western Canada serving the natural health and organics industry. It’s a place where retailers meet the industry’s top manufactures, distributors, and brokers, face-to-face.

Everyday Superfoods CHFAIt was a very exciting show for It’s Not Bacon as this was the first time buyers were seeing the new face of the brand as well as the product line extension.

Overall, we had great feedback on the changes that were made with the packaging, it was “night and day”.  The vibrant bag drew a lot of attention to come over and check it out. Buyers were fully aware of what the product was and its applications just by glancing at the bag. It’s Not Bacon is simply a topper and can be found in the produce section.

Flavour Extension
We kept our two original flavours, Canadian Maple and Smoked Cheddar but replaced Holy Jalapeño with a Sriracha Lime with a good kick to it! We will also be launching our Sesame Teriyaki and Hickory Bourbon over the course of summer 2017.

Couldn’t have gone any better. Everyone loved the taste of the new flavours as well as the tweaked formulas with Canadian Maple and Smoked Cheddar. The amount of people that we had there standing in awe as they couldn’t believe how good it tasted as well as the fact they have found an alternative to the one thing they’ve always missed but they couldn’t eat, BACON!

We are fully aware that we have had some upset customers that love It’s Not Bacon and are daily users that could no longer find it in stores as we went through a rebranding stage. Over the course of the show we can confidently say that will never happen again and you’ll be able to find our products in more stores then before at your convenience.


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